A Word of Encouragement from the Lord

My son, I think you have abandoned your first love, as well as your eagerness and longing to sit with me. 

You’ve abandoned my word and left it on the bookshelf without paying it attention or examining it closely. 

You lost your joy and your peace. The worries of the world have tired and exhausted you. 

You’ve forgotten I was your strong refuge in which you used to seek solace and would throw yourself into my embrace. You went to other shelters that made you more tired and lost.

Come back to me, my son, and do not be afraid, for I am still waiting for you to return. Do not look back, but rather throw all your burdens on me, as you used to do in the past. 

Come on, wake up from your slumber and laziness. Arise, shake off the dust of the world and return to your heavenly Father who loved you and still loves you. 

Remember where you fell and repent. You can be sure that I will not reject you. Rest assured that I will accept your repentance just as I did with Peter when he denied me, yet he repented and returned to me as a son and a great servant. 

Do not allow sin to strangle you as it did to Judas, who went and hanged himself. Don’t think too much. Come back into my arms and I will forgive all your sins. I will not change my promise nor change the word that came out of my mouth. 

Turn back to me, my son, and I will turn back to you.

The thoughts I have for you are thoughts of peace and not evil, to give you a future and hope.