Arab and Jew Ministering as One New Man in the US

This past week I had the wonderful opportunity to spend time ministering in the US alongside my dear Jewish Israeli friend and brother, Pastor Israel Pochtar. The secular media throughout the world would often portray a distorted image of the situation in Israel, reporting about hatred and unforgiveness between Jews and Arabs, but they do not report about the unity and love that exist between Jews and Arabs in Jesus.

This time that me and Pastor Israel spent ministering together was a true testimony to what God is accomplishing in Israel by healing old wounds, binding together different peoples in love, and creating a genuine blueprint for peaceful co-existence. We were representing Israel as bridge builders and peacemakers, as the Lord instructed us in the Bible.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” – Matthew 5:9

During this time it was such a blessing to see the pleasantly surprised looks on people’s faces when they saw the One New Man in Christ represented through an Israeli Jew and Arab, who having been washed in the blood of Jesus, had been adopted into the Kingdom of God as brothers in Christ.

Many people whom we met testified how they received a fresh motivation to pray and intercede for Israel, and to advocate for Israel. As they heard us minister, they came to understand that God is moving and bringing about something in Israel that no negotiations of politics can accomplish—true reconciliation and peace, because of the blood of Jesus. Amen!