Building Bridges during Christmas in Haifa

Our Christmas Project at our Haifa branch is running full steam with Christmas just around the corner. Our congregational facility in the large Israeli city of Haifa is located at a big and central junction, with many people passing by, both Arabs and Jews. As such, it’s perfectly positioned to draw people’s attention and to invite people off the street to join us for fellowship and to receive a lovely Christmas present.

For the entire week we are playing festive and joyful Christmas music from our congregation’s front porch, with beautiful decorations all over the building’s facade. On the porch we also have our very own Santa Clause, sitting in his big old chair, to bless people coming in off the street, to give them a Christmas present, and to announce to them that “Jesus is the Reason for the Season!” My dear brother, Elias, who leads our Haifa congregation took it upon himself to play the role of Santa, and he did a great job!

The project has been going really well, and so many people have been blessed by our Christmas gift distribution, thanks to the support of our partners. What makes this project extra special is that we don’t only receive Christians visitors, but also many Muslim and Jewish visitors come in off the street. In the photos below you can see a dear Jewish Israeli man and his wife who stopped by to see what Christmas is all about, and to receive some Christmas presents, and to hear the message that “Jesus is the Reason for the Season.” They were so blessed by this meeting, and enjoyed their time with us thoroughly, as you can see in the photos.

Meeting all these different people, and sharing the story of Christmas with them was a powerful testimony to us that the potential for the Gospel, for revival, and for peaceful co-existence in Israel is great. It truly is our hope and prayer for this nation, that we can live together and grow together as Arabs and Jews in Israel, and for all of Israel to be saved. Amen!