Christmas Project: Sharing the Love and Birth of Jesus this Christmas in Israel

Christmas Project: Sharing the Love and Birth of Jesus this Christmas in Israel

This past week as our team was preparing food boxes and Christmas gifts packets, we had a very unique experience. A dear Muslim lady, one of many Muslims whom we aid every month, came to our distribution center to receive aid. We blessed her with a bumper food box, as well as with Christmas gift packets for her children! Can you imagine that? Our Christmas gift packets, along with scriptures proclaiming Jesus as the Reason for the Season, are finding their way into Muslim households!

This dear lady was touched when she saw how diligently our team was working to prepare everything for our Christmas project, that she decided to volunteer and help us that entire day! You can see in the video above how she joined us in our preparations. We formed a strong foundation that day for a fruitful friendship with her.

There are many more Muslim men and women out there whom we’ve been in touch with, are in touch with, and will be in touch with, and the work that we are doing to proclaim Jesus is touching their lives. You as our partners are enabling us to make this happen. Because you are standing with us through your prayers and donations, we are able to bless Jews, Muslims, and traditional Christians with Christmas gifts and food boxes to celebrate that Jesus is the Reason for the Season.

We share the Gospel with everybody that we come into contact with, because Christmas is about Jesus, and Jesus is Salvation, and Salvation is for the whole world according to John 3:16. Jesus came for the whole world to be saved, and so we also reach out to all these people with the love of Christ.

On the 24th of December we will be having our big Christmas outreach and parade in Nazareth, where we will be distributing another 400 Christmas gift hampers to the needy of Nazareth. More than 60,000 visitors are expected in Nazareth over Christmas, and so the Gospel will be preached to many of these visitors.

In addition we will also be handing out our evangelistic calendars. We have already distributed more than 1200 calendars all over Nazareth to hospitals, old age homes, schools, and businesses. The impact of the project was doubled, as we initially aimed at distributing only 600 calendars. Praise God for always producing a bountiful harvest when our faith is put into action!

Please stand with us during this Christmas season in reaching more people in Israel with the Gospel message and with Christmas gifts, proclaiming that Jesus is the Reason for the Season!