Coming to the Aid of Ukrainian Refugees in Israel

Our collaboration with the Mayor and with the City Hall of Nof HaGalil touched so many lives from among the 170 Ukrainian refugee families that recently arrived there. Our love and support were all thanks to our partners from across the world, and we made sure to tell each and everyone that Christians from across the world love and support them.

It was an especially powerful testimony to the Jewish mayor and city council members, who witnessed how the love of Christian Arabs can transcend all cultural biases in Israel, to shine the light of Christ, and to demonstrate His love in a tangible way. It is through initiatives like these that we foster healthy and strong reconciliation between Arabs and Jews in Israel, ultimately lifting up the name of Jesus.

We are continuing to bless and support the Ukrainian refugees in Nof HaGalil, among whom most are Jewish Ukrainians, with towels, socks, food baskets, toiletries, and toys. This is an ongoing project in which the Home of Jesus the King Church will make weekly visits and delivery of these humanitarian goods to the refugees. We also get to spend time with them to encourage and comfort them in their time of need.

Many more refugees are expected in the weeks to come and the need will grow. If you would like to sow into helping Ukrainian refugees here in our area of Nazareth and Nof HaGalil, please consider making a generous donation. These funds will go directly towards blessing Ukrainian refugees, and helping them kick start their new lives in Israel.