Daria’s Testimony – Building Bridges between Jews and Arabs

An Arab speaking ministry in a predominantly Arab area that serves and brings humanitarian relief to Jewish people in need has its uniqueness, as well as challenges.

Our goal has always been to build bridges of reconciliation and be the generation of peacemakers that Jesus called us to be.

When we first started receiving Jewish families of Olim Chadashim (new immigrants) at our humanitarian center in Nazareth, they would often come wary and afraid because they were unsure of us and our intentions.

However, they were in desperate need and that drove them to take the risk of coming to an Arab area where our humanitarian center is located.

It’s the hard times that open the biggest doors for us to meet so many Jewish olim.

After they initially meet us, they immediately discover something completely different than expected: finding that we are Arabs that genuinely care about them and want to help them on their journey of building a new life in the Land.

We often get the same reaction from Jewish immigrants, testifying they genuinely did not expect to receive from us this king of selfless love.

That is also how we met Daria, who was one of the many Jewish immigrants, that came to us for help and was pleasantly surprised at what she found.

She shared how Jewish immigrants come to Israel, and because of international media, expect to find Israeli Jews and Arabs fighting as enemies.

The last thing she expected to find was Arabs blessing and helping Jewish people, especially during wartime when tensions are high.

Daria’s experience was what we aim to provide for every person we connect with through our humanitarian outreach.

When she first arrived at Home of Jesus the King Church and saw people’s love there. She was especially touched when she met my wife, Nisreen, who warmly received her like family.

That love made Daria feel like she finally found a new home and family at HomeJTK.

Now she and others like her often come not only to receive our aid, but mainly because they experience real peace when they are here with us.

Seeing for themselves the reality and truth of Jews and Arabs coexisting and living side by side as genuine allies in the Land of Israel, changed everything they learned from the international media about our life here.

Daria shared how thankful she and her family is to us, our ministry, and partners like you from the nations, who generously and selflessly not only help those in need, but also help create these divine connections between Jews and Arabs in Israel that shatter misconceptions the media has planted in people’s minds.

One of the biggest blessings is to be able to put a smile on a child’s face, which is what happened with Daria’s daughter who was so excited when she saw the gifts and aid that they received from Home of Jesus the King Church. All thanks to you!

Building bridges of love and reconciliation between Israeli Arabs and Jews is at the core of our vision and mission here at Home of Jesus the King Church.

In the Bible Nathaneal asked Phillip if anything good can come out of Nazareth, to which Phillip replied: “Come and see!”

Daria, her family, as well as many other Jewish families come every Friday to spend time with us and see all the good that comes out of Nazareth.

Turning tests into testimonies, doubt into certainty and need into gratitude is only accomplished because we have you as friends, partners and invaluable allies in our ministry work in Israel.

You standing with us and supporting the work we do, is enabling us to reach so many families, by allowing us to be your hands and feet in Israel, blessing the Jewish people by sowing into this important work of the Lord.

If you haven’t done so yet, consider becoming a monthly partner whose seed is multiplied in the Lord’s hand as He builds His kingdom in Israel through you.

Please considering partnering with us today!