Distributing Clothes to those in Need

Our clothing project is gaining momentum as we actively reach out to the needy in our communities, Arab and Jew alike, to provide good quality clothing. In order to facilitate more efficient distribution of the clothing, we are looking to purchase 10 brand-new clothing stands on which to store clothing, and arrange the clothing for ease of distribution to those in need.

This will also offer us a long-term solution in storage and mobility of the clothing supplies. People will be able to come and browse through the clothing supplies with ease and take whatever they’re in need of. They will be able to accurately see the sizes and designs of the clothing items on display, thereby making the entire process easier and quicker. Having those in need come to “Home of Jesus the King” church to collect clothes will also allow us to share the love of God with them and to encourage them with the Gospel message of Jesus.

Every stand will cost us 600 shekels which amounts to $175 each. If you would like to partner with us in blessing the poor of Nazareth with good-quality clothing, please consider donating towards this project, and become part of our ministry by sharing the love of Jesus to all those in Nazareth.