Duaw’s Testimony

Duaw’s Testimony

Duaw has been visiting us on a regular basis to receive aid from our humanitarian aid center in the form of food, clothing, toiletries, and home appliances. She and her family are struggling financially, as she doesn’t have a job and her husband is unable to work due to illness. Just this past week as Duaw was about to leave our aid center, she turned around to share her heart with us. She began by saying how thankful she was for everything that we have done for her and her family, and that many times they literally didn’t have food to put on the table, if it hadn’t been for Home of Jesus the King Church.

Furthermore, she asked us if we remembered how she asked us for prayer a while back. She had to undergo surgery, and she was terribly scared and convinced that she would die during the surgery. Our prayer team gathered together and we interceded for Duaw, for God to strengthen her heart, comfort her, and send His angels to shield her.

Soon after she arrived at the hospital and was prepped for surgery, she lay on her bed and closed her eyes, She asked the Lord to be with her and to protect her life. At that moment she received a vision and saw with the eyes of her heart how there were angels all around her. She knew right there and then that God has answered our prayers and that He would shield her during surgery.

After the surgery was completed and Duaw had regained consciousness, she closed her eyes once more to seek the Lord in prayer. Again she saw a vision of how the angels departed from her as if their commission had been fulfilled, and peace flooded her heart. The Lord then spoke to her and told her to seek after the things of God, which are far more important than seeking the things of this world. It was right then that Duaw decided to get back on track in her relationship with Jesus and to start attending church faithfully once more.

I believe that the visitation and vision that Duaw received, as well as her physical and spiritual turnaround, was the result of months of prayer. Every time that Duaw visited our center over the past few months, we would invite her into our prayer room, where we would pray for her and bless her. I’m convinced that our humanitarian aid center has become something more — it has now become a “God Aid Center!” Praise the Lord!