Evangelistic Calendar Project

Our evangelistic calendars have been an extremely effective method for reaching the lost here in Nazareth with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. The Lord has been using these calendars for years as powerful tools of evangelism, as these calendars put the Good News every day in front of people’s eyes, 365 days a year!

During November the Word of God will flow into more than 2000 homes, businesses, and shops of Nazareth as we begin the distribution processes of these crucial calendars. To me they represent vessels that will carry the glory of God into people’s lives, causing transformation in the hearts of people as they use these calendars for everyday practical purposes.

They reach the homes of multitudes of Muslims, Jews, and traditional Christians. All the different religious holidays are also shown on these calendars, as well as the official state holidays. And the best part is, we give these calendars away for free! The focus of the 2023 calendar will be on being a light to the people and the nations in dark times. We will highlight different segments from Psalm 23 on every month’s calendar page to reinforce this message.

To bless one or multitudes of families with a calendar of $2.50 each, would you please consider making a donation today to sow into salvation?

Thank you and God bless!