Fans Project – Praise Report!

It is such a joy to announce that we’ve officially begun the distribution of our Summer Breeze electric fans project — our new humanitarian effort geared towards providing relief and comfort to Ukrainian refugees and poverty-stricken Jews and Arabs during the blazing-hot Israeli summer. This is a massive breakthrough for us, as we have limited resources at our disposal, but yet God made provision for us to purchase 100 quality fans to bless those in need.

Nothing is too difficult for our God!

Not only will we be providing these precious families with electric fans, but we will also be blessing them with food boxes containing nutritious and wholesome food products. In addition to the usual 120 food boxes that we budget for every month, we have decided to take a step of faith and provide an additional 48 families with food boxes on a monthly basis. We saw the need, and the Lord spoke to us to stretch out our hands and to feed the hungry, and to see what He can do.

These food boxes and fans aren’t simply practical solutions to people’s problems, but they are evangelistic tools which allow us to share the love of God, as well as His message of salvation with the people of Israel. Humanitarian aid is an incredibly effective platform for us to demonstrate the reality and the substance of God’s love, as expressed through His Son, Jesus Christ.

If you would like to stand with us in bringing about change in Israel and transforming the spiritual atmosphere in preparation for revival, would you kindly consider becoming a monthly partner with Home of Jesus the King Church?

Each food box costs us $30, each box changing lives. Alternatively you are most welcome to sow a one-time seed into this important project, to impact the lives of poor and desperate Israelis.

God bless you!