“Fear Not…”
A Devotional Message from Nisreen Shalash

Our Lord Jesus Christ was tempted in all things so that He might be able to help those who are being tempted.

That is why He gave us the instruction, Do not be afraid, for I am with you.

Do not be afraid in your time of illness, for I am with you to heal you.
Even in the time of your pain, I will walk with you, suffer with you, strengthen you, lift you up, and show you how your faith has healed you.
Even if your recovery is not progressing exactly as you had hoped, make sure that you keep your eyes on Jesus, and don’t be afraid

Do not be afraid in your time of failure, because I am with you to give you the spirit of love, power, and a sound mind.
Even if you fail and fall, do not be afraid because I am with you to raise you up again, and to give you success.

Do not be afraid in the times when you feel that you’re alone, because I am with you, even closer than a brother. I will be a father to you, and you will be my son and you will be my daughter.
I am the Lord Almighty, and as I have promised you, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.

Do not be afraid of the future, because I am with you and already waiting for you there. You may not know what is in the future, but I do.
You have to trust that I am preparing a good future for you, and I will carry you into it.
Therefore don’t worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow cares for itself. Today has enough worries of its own.

Dear child, come to me and tell me what is your greatest fear. Is it death? Do not be afraid even of death, for I am with you.
I triumphed over death more than two thousand years ago. I trampled it underfoot and rose from the dead to give you eternal life.
Even if you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, do not fear evil, just believe and trust that I am with you.
My child, do not be afraid, because I ransomed you. I called you by your name. You are mine.

Come to the Lord, raise yourself up before Him, and say to Him, Lord, you have promised and you have said:
Do not be afraid, little flock, because your Father is well pleased to give you the Kingdom.
I am thankful that I am a part of your flock. I will not be afraid, because I trust in your sincere promises, and I trust that you are with me to strengthen me and because you promised, saying that when I pass through the water, that you are with me.
No matter what challenges I’m facing today, I trust that you are with me to take me from glory to glory.
When you are beside me, you reassure my heart, and you speak to my heart, saying that I am precious in your eyes, honored, and loved by you…