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Amira’s Testimony

Amira’s Testimony

Amira is a dear lady who has been visiting our humanitarian center for the past two years to receive monthly aid in the form of food, appliances, and clothing for her and her family. She would often just sit with us and chat, and we would pray with her and share the Gospel message with her. We knew that the Lord was working in her heart and that the time would come for Amira to make a decision for Christ.

Just last week Amira came to visit our center again, and after she had collected much-needed humanitarian aid for her and her family, we sat down to talk a bit. All of a sudden she asked us why we do what we do. Why don’t we ask anything in return, or force people to attend church if they want to receive aid?

I told Amira that we do what we do because of Jesus and His love for people, and of how he went around doing good when He was on earth, and that we as believers are called to do the same. Amira said that she always feels something different and special in the atmosphere when she visits us and that she feels “wrapped in light.” I told her that she was feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit and that God was touching her heart, making Himself known to her.

Amira then declared that she felt a deep desire to join us for our Shabbat service, and so she joined us for the upcoming Saturday’s service. She had a wonderful time at church, fully immersed in the worship, the prayer, and the Word that went out that day.

Afterward, she testified that she had experienced God’s presence like never before and that she felt changed in His presence. She said that she wants to visit us every Shabbat if we would allow her, and I said “Of course!”

She phoned us afterward to thank us again for all the help and love, as it had made a huge difference in her life. She said that her relationship with HomeJTK has been crucial in her staying afloat emotionally and physically.

These kinds of testimonies encourage us to continue with the work God has given us. We sow the seeds which is our responsibility, but God waters and brings the increase and the fruit. It might take time, but the fruit will come. Sometimes we sow in tears, but we reap in joy. Amen!