It’s simply amazing to think of God’s ever-present protection over His children, and how He has given His angels charge over us to keep us in all our ways. What can be more comforting to know that you have an all-powerful Father that is always looking out for you, and who always has our best interests at heart.

To illustrate this point beautifully, I would like to share a powerful testimony with you. Every Sunday me and my family go to visit my parents-in-law to enjoy lunch with them, and to share in sweet fellowship. It’s also a fun time for me and Nisreen to help my mother-in-law in the kitchen, as she prepares a feast for the family to enjoy. There’s a little section at the back of the kitchen where my mother-in-law usually deep fries vegetables, and at a certain point the three of us were gathered there as the food was being prepared.

No sooner had we left that section of the kitchen to sit down for a lovely Sunday meal, when we heard a loud crash. We were so shocked by the sound, and immediately ran back into the room to see what had happened. As we entered, we saw that a section of the roof had given in, and large chunks of it had come crashing down exactly where we were standing a few minutes before. What a lose call!

There was no logical explanation for what had happened, but what we do know, is that God had protected us from severe injury or even worse. Had we waited a bit longer in that room, things would have turned out very differently. This was a powerful testimony and reminder to us that God is always ready to shield us from all  harm that the devil means to bring against us. We didn’t see the danger coming, but God did, and He sent His angels to protect us. Hallelujah!

Psalm 34:7 – The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him, and he delivers them.