God gathering his family with the love of Jesus

Home of Jesus The King Church distributed on Jewish New Year Holiday, with the help of the municipality of Nof Ha-Galil, 40 food packages to Jewish families in need.

Mister Ronen Flon has welcomed the project and the food packages have been distributed to these families in these difficult times.
Our goal is to reflect the image of Jesus Christ in our lives and do good deeds as he taught us.
Those who know how to do good, and don’t, commit is a sin

Jesus was doing good so you should go as well and do it
Let the Lord bless everyone who helped and supported all these needy families.

If you want to be part of the ministry, enter the Church’s website and you can donate there to support feeding those families.

God bless all of you
Home of Jesus The King

The church doesn’t discriminate between Arab and Jew, Christian and Muslim! We will have these projects in all the holidays without any discrimination.

Our goal is to reflect the image of Jesus in our lives.