God has Opened a New Door for Us!

We’ve had quite a year so far! Every month we’ve been able to consistently support 120 Arab and Jewish families in Nazareth with food boxes and day-to-day humanitarian aid. Our humanitarian work, which serves as an effective platform for sharing the love of Jesus, has helped our congregation and humanitarian work grow in more ways than one.

I’d like to sincerely thank you for all that you’ve made possible through your generosity and prayers.

We currently have a lot of initiatives and projects going on at Home of Jesus the King Church, and adding to our distribution center space has been high on our priority list for a while now. A new distribution center will help us vastly expand our community outreach and grow our church membership, and we need your help to make this new distribution center dream come true.

The Lord had led me to premises just a few meters down from our current location, which had been put up for rent, and is almost more than double the size of our current facility at 180 square meters. It features a presentation area for those in need to come and select the aid they need, as well as a large sitting area that can accommodate 25 people for coffee and fellowship.

This will be a crucial area for sharing the Gospel with those visiting our new center!

It also has a prayer room, and three additional rooms to keep stock for upcoming projects. This new facility will allow us to have an organized workspace that is easier to navigate, and which will allow for greater efficiency in the way we prepare and conduct our humanitarian projects. The property also has an additional hall which will be dedicated solely to the packing and preparation of food boxes.

In faith I scheduled a meeting with the landlord of this particular property, as I firmly believed that this was the new distribution center that God had assigned for our humanitarian work. I shared with the landlord about how the Lord had led me to this place, and that the number God had given me for this new place’s rent was 6,000 NIS.

He was pleasantly surprised by my boldness, but I explained to him that the Lord would honor him and bless him. For the past 1.5 years in which we had rented the smaller venue, our landlord had been tremendously blessed by the Lord, and I encouraged him by saying that he would see God’s favor in his life and his business.

At that moment I thought about Joseph and Potiphar. The ruler of Egypt, Potiphar, was blessed because of Joseph, as God was with him. This new property will provide us with more opportunities to be a blessing to many more families and communities, and the interior of the building has already been equipped with air-conditioning, bathrooms, and furniture. The Lord had prepared the ground for us!

I would like to ask that you prayerfully consider making a one-time donation or becoming a monthly partner to take this bold step of faith with us and to vastly increase the impact of our work in Nazareth and the Galilee. There are several ways in which you can safely contribute to our new distribution center at https://www.homejtk.org/donate.

We sincerely appreciate you and the impact that you’ve made on our outreach and humanitarian projects here in Israel. I believe that God will bless you as you partner with us in blessing the land of Israel, as it’s written in Genesis 12:3I will bless those who bless you.

Thank you and God bless!
Pastor Saleem