God’s Timing is not our Timing

The Lord is with you in your most difficult of times. Do not give up, because the Lord is watching you and is with you when you endure suffering and tribulations due to difficult circumstances.

Stay close to him and know that complaining does not improve the situation, but only makes it worse. Be patient as you labor for God’s glory, for patience is not how long you wait, but how you act while you are waiting.

Know that your success is only from the Lord, and that your progress on your journey with Christ, even if slow, is more important than your progress without the Lord. Abraham wanted to have a son before God’s perfect time, and so he had the son of a maidservant.

Moses wanted to save the people of the Lord before the appointed time, and so he killed an Egyptian, and was rejected by all, and went on the run into the wilderness.

Joseph wanted to get out of prison before the Lord’s perfect time, and so he asked the cupbearer to mention him before Pharaoh, and if the cupbearer had mentioned him at his time, he would have been released from prison as a slave, not as the ruler over Egypt.

The Lord does not make mistakes and his watch is not running behind schedule. He knows our hearts and He sees the thoughts running through our heads. So let us wait for the Lord, let us stand strong, take courage, and wait upon the Lord.

Love and blessings,
Nisreen Shalash