He will give His Angels charge over You – A Testimony by Pastor Saleem

He will give His Angels charge over You
A Testimony by Pastor Saleem

Saleem and Nisreen

Over the course of the past week, I’ve been suffering from a severe viral infection which has kept me in bed for most of the time. For an active Pastor like myself, that is quite the challenge, as I like to stay on the move in preaching the Gospel, doing home visits, and staying involved in our humanitarian projects. Thankfully it’s not Covid-19, but this attack on my body has hit me hard.

Just over two days ago, as I was suffering from high fever and bodily pain, and in the middle of the night, I got out of bed to go to the bathroom. I slowly managed to make my way down the hallway, but as soon as I entered the bathroom, my head started spinning and all strength left my body. I blacked out completely.

When I awoke I was lying on the bathroom floor, with a painful strain in my back. I couldn’t believe that I had not hit my head or had been injured more severely! That in itself was a miracle! As I was lying there, I felt so weak that I couldn’t even gather the strength to get back on my feet and return to the warmth of my bed. I cried out to the Lord as I lied there and tears started flowing from my eyes. It was then that it happened.

I felt two pairs of strong hands slide under my arms, and I felt strength flood my body as I was lifted to my feet. It was like I was experiencing a dream. I felt myself being moved and carefully lowered down into my reclining chair in the living room. I felt a peace that I had never felt before, and I knew that I was being held in the arms of God’s angelic messengers. I couldn’t see them with my physical eyes, but I experienced their presence in a very real way.

I fell asleep like that in my chair and awoke the next morning feeling a lot better. As I sat there I reflected on what had happened the previous night. Nisreen also soon came inside the living room at that moment and asked what I was doing in my chair?

I shared with her about losing consciousness, being lifted up in strong arms, and being carried to my favorite chair to rest for the night. I wept once again as I told Nisreen the story, as I became aware once again of the Lord’s incredible love and care for us. What a faithful Father we have! He truly gives His angels charge over us, to keep us in all our ways.

I could have been seriously injured as I lost consciousness in the bathroom, and I could have remained there on the cold floor for the rest of the night, but the Lord took care of me. Hallelujah!

I’m also glad to report that by now I’ve almost fully recovered from the viral infection, and I’m feeling a whole lot better. I’m praying for you, dear friend, that the Lord’s angels will watch over you in all your ways, and shield you against each and every attack in your life. Amen!