Helping Families in Nazareth through our Monthly Food Projects

It has been so encouraging to see how our monthly food projects in Nazareth, among Christian and Muslim Arabs, have made a real impact. Not only are we lightening the burden on families in need, but we are building bridges between the people and Jesus Christ, introducing them to His boundless love and compassion.

We receive families daily at our Humanitarian Distribution Center, who come to receive brand-new and quality clothing and shoes from a wide selection. They also receive our packed food boxes, as well as a range of hygienic products and toiletries. And let’s not forget about the children! The kids receive toys and school supplies to put a smile on their faces, and to help them excel in their time at school.

Here above is a picture of Naama and her Father Elias who just picked up some humanitarian aid for them and their family. Just look at the joy on Naama and Elias’ faces! We have grown very close to them, as we have with all those who visit us for aid, and we feel like they’re part of our family.

We just love receiving the people of Nazareth at our center, as we also get the opportunity to minister unto them and to pray for them, sowing the Word of God into their hearts so that they might coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Thank you partners! You are making an impact for the Kingdom here in Nazareth!