Moody Radio Interview – Comforting His People

Having the opportunity to share about the war in Israel as an Arab pastor in the land is remarkable, because it enables people to get a glimpse into an otherwise unknown reality of what is happening in Israel, and how we are all experiencing this war. 

When I was kindly invited by Moody Radio to share my testimony, I was firstly honored, and also I realized the weight of responsibility on my shoulders as an Arab pastor in Israel to set the record straight on many things. 

Truth is not a matter of opinion, it is a matter of fact. You have to experience it to know it. Being able to share our experience as Arab Christians in Israel and my point of view as a senior pastor on the ongoing war, the heavy impact it has had on all Israelis: both Arab and Jew. 

Almost 6 months later there are still many displaced and evacuated families who struggle and need our help. 

I felt a deep need to share our heart for the poor in this difficult time, and how important it was for me as an Arab pastor to keep sharing the love of Yeshua in these dark times. 

October 7th was a tremendous tragedy for the entire nation, but it also fractured and damaged a trust that was built on the coexistence between Jewish and Arab Israelis. 

We had to ask ourselves hard questions, such as: Are we fulfilling the will of God?

I shared about our work in these difficult days. Our focus is on building bridges and being peace makers, restoring and rebuilding relationships that were damaged between Arabs and Jews by the October 7th attack. 

God always gives you a word for the right time that serves as a guiding light in this challenging season. The Lord was clear about His will for us to bring comfort His people. 

Comfort, comfort My people…” – Isaiah 40:1

In an increasingly antagonistic and hateful environment where Israel is often vilified across the world for defending itself, I believe our testimony and voice as Arab believers in Israel was crucial to help paint a real picture of what is going on in Israel. 

We will share with you the broadcast as soon as it’s out. 

Thank you for being the hands that lift us up as we toil in the mission fields in Israel. Our work wouldn’t be possible without you! 

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