Movement in Middle East – First Conference in Dubai

I’m so happy to report that this upcoming March I’ll be attending my very first ministers conference in Dubai. It promises to be a powerful and anointed time together with other ministers from throughout the Middle East, to cultivate strong friendships, and to learn how we as ministers can support one another in our roles.

In addition to the main contingent of Arab pastors, there will also be visiting speakers from all over the world whom the Lord has given a heart for revival in the Middle East. A big focus of the “Movement in the Middle East” conference will be prayer and intercession for the Middle East, with regards to church planting, raising up new pastors and leaders, and discipleship.

We see that God is opening doors for the Gospel message to flow into the various nations of the Middle East. The Abrahamic accords between Israel and the nations are also not a coincidence, as these agreements allow for Arab ministers from Israel to visit these nations and be carriers of revival. The plan of God to have the Gospel preached all over the world is happening before our very eyes.

The Gospel message was birthed in Israel and was then taken to Europe by the disciples. We see in Acts 6 that the disciples wanted to go to Asia and that the Holy Spirit forbade it. The Gospel message eventually made its way to the Americas, and now, from there, we see the Gospel being championed into the regions of Asia.

We’re already seeing revivals taking place in countries like China, Taiwan, and Korea, but before it comes back to Jerusalem, it must first pass through the Arab nations. Israeli Arabs have a distinct advantage, as they understand the languages and cultures of both Arabs and Jews, and can therefore be used effectively by God to usher the Gospel message back to Jerusalem.

We need your prayer for this conference in March, for its success and impact all across the Middle East, and also that God will continue to open doors for us to share the Word of God in the Arab nations, and ultimately back in Jerusalem. Amen!

Movement in Middle East