Nazareth Evangelism – A new open door

Jesus always had a heart for the sick and the broken, and went about doing good and healing the sick. He also commanded to do the same, and to minister the Good News of the Kingdom to all mankind. Jesus’ attitude and love towards the sick ignited a similar desire in our hearts here at HomeJTK.

After praying and seeking God’s face, we decided to launch our hospital outreach program. There are simply so many people who are filling our hospitals, alone and scared, just waiting for someone to show them some kindness and love.

And so this past week or team struck out to our local hospitals in Nazareth to visit the sick. We discovered that so many people were desperately in need of prayer, and not a single person whom we offered prayer to turned us away. We laid hands on people, prayed for their needs, and encouraged them from the Word of God.

We initially started praying and ministering to nominal Christian folk, but then Muslim patients also began calling us over to pray for them in Jesus’ name! Hallelujah! When we lift up Jesus, people are drawn to him. And so we spent the day praying and sharing the Gospel with many traditional Christians, and with many Muslims also.

We found that ministering to the sick in hospitals was a blessing, as people are not in a hurry, and are willing to spend time in prayer, listening to the Word of God, sharing their hearts, and building relationships. It was a revelation to us, and confirmation of a new door that God has opened for the Gospel in Nazareth.

We also had opportunity to take communion with many of the sick, and to lay hands on them as the Bible instructs us. In addition we also distributed quality books from well-known Christian authors translated in Arabic to every person whom we visited. They would be able to study the Gospel message, and we also gave them our contact details to stay in touch, to pray together telephonically, and to stay informed of when we have church meetings and special humanitarian projects for them to attend.

Please stand with us in prayer for much success and blessing upon this wonderful new opportunity that God has presented us with to minister the Gospel and to bring comfort to the sick and the downcast in Nazareth. Please pray that healings and physical restoration will manifest as we minister in Jesus’ name, and that many will come to saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Amen!