Netherlands Ministry Trip
Are We Fulfilling the Word of God?

This upcoming week I’ll have the wonderful opportunity to minister at various churches in the Netherlands. I will be accompanied by my wonderful wife, Nisreen, and we look forward to seeing what the Lord has prepared for us.

The Lord has instructed me to share and teach the truth of the situation in Israel, and of all the amazing things that He is accomplishing in Israel, as well as the state of the Christian minority in Israel. A special message that the Lord has laid on my heart specifically for the European churches is, “Are We Fulfilling the Word of God?” In addition, I will also be focussing on the impacting topic, and a message that has touched many lives, which is “Jesus in the Old Testament.”

We see that we are now in a season during which God is awakening Europe, and in which He is building strong bridges of friendship and collaboration between our friends in Europe and the body of Christ in Israel. The Lord is moving in Europe and I firmly believe that revival is coming there.

Many revivals in the church’s history had started in Europe, and the Lord has raised up many generals and mighty men and women of God there. The fire is stirring again in Europe as it did when the Gospel went out from Jerusalem and into Europe through Macedonia. When Europe received the Gospel, God blessed her various nations, and that time is coming again.

Please pray for me and Nisreen to reach and meet the right persons during our ministry trip, and that I would get to share the Gospel powerfully, for blessings upon the Dutch churches and their people, and for the truth of Israel and the growing relationship between Jews and Arabs to reach many ears. Amen!