New Chairs for our Sanctuary

After 15 years of being well used, our church sanctuary chairs need to be replaced, as they have become worn and uncomfortable. We’re thankful for these chairs that have served us so well, and which were provided to us through the grace of God, but now that our church has grown, especially with regards to kids and the elderly, we need to make sure that people are comfortable and relaxed during services. This really isn’t a purchase of convenience we have to make, but of necessity! We simply can’t afford to have any chair collapse from under one of the elderly or kids, and so with God’s blessing, we decided to replace all of our chairs.

Thankfully God has brought many reliable and affordable wholesalers across our path over the years, and we have found favor with the people of Nazareth, and thus we have found quality chairs available at a decent price. Providing something so practical perhaps doesn’t seem spiritual, but we are always reminded that Jesus never neglected and minimized people’s practical needs. That’s why after a whole day of teaching the masses, He couldn’t just let them go hungry. He performed a miracle and fed thousands with the little disciples had.

We would be so grateful if you could stand with us in support and prayer to help us fill our sanctuary with 120 brand new chairs from which many will praise and worship God, and receive the implanted Word of God. These chairs cost us 300 Shekels ($80) each. Perhaps you, your home group, or church can sponsor one chair, or even multiple chairs? We are thankful for any help, and we appreciate you so much.

To give towards our chairs project, please visit us at

Thanks and God bless!