Nof Hagalil Praise Report: Helping Holocaust Survivors

Helping Holocaust Survivors

We had the wonderful honor of receiving a Certificate of Appreciation from the mayor of Nof Hagalil, Mr. Ronen Plot, for our work in blessing Ukrainian and Russian refugees, as well as Holocaust Survivors in our neighboring Jewish town.

He conveyed to us how thankful the city hall of Nof Hagalil is for all our help, as well as the help from our partners from all over the world. We are building bridges of peace, reconciliation and friendship between Jews and Arabs in Israel, and truly is a miraculous thing to behold. God is laying a foundation for revival and for a land that will be ready for the return of Jesus.

Helping Holocaust Survivors

The aid that we offer the Holocaust Survivors of Nof Hagalil is very important and significant, especially since today is Holocaust Memorial Day in Israel. This morning at 10:00 sirens rang out all across Israel to announce a minute of silence to be observed for all those who perished in the Holocaust.

We would like to invite you to stand with us on a monthly basis as partners in our efforts to bless Holocaust Survivors with practical humanitarian aid, but also to show them the love and reality of Jesus. To partner with us in honoring and blessing Holocaust Survivors, please click the button below.