Old-Age Home Praise Report

After our impacting project at the old-age home in Haifa in celebration of Christmas, there were so many good fruits that came out of it. So many people came forward afterward with messages of thanks for the wonderful fellowship and the gifts we gave them.

The old-age home inhabitants were a mix of Jewish and Arab elderlies, and our outreach had a major impact in building bridges of reconciliation and establishing new friendships. In a show of thanks, the home sent a representative to HomeJTK, to present us with a certificate of thanks, as well as a generous gift basket to enjoy.

We can see how God is creating new fruits and opportunities for our future collaboration with this old-age home. They also invited us back to do a special project for Pesach (Passover) which will be another wonderful opportunity to share the love of Jesus with these precious senior citizens. Praise God!

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