Ukrainian Refugees

Israel is seeing an unprecedented influx of Ukrainian refugees, mainly women and children, as more and more people are fleeing indiscriminate bombing and destruction throughout Ukraine. The men, including the fathers and husbands of these refugees, up until the age of 60 have to remain in Ukraine to help defend the nation as part of the Territorial Defense Forces. As such, we are working hard in collaboration with the Nof HaGalil municipality to provide critical humanitarian aid to newly arrived refugees.

JTK Bridge Builders is providing refugees with food boxes, clothing, toiletries, and treats for the children. However, we’re not in this alone. Our partners from all over the world have risen to the challenge, and together we’ve been demonstrating the love of Jesus in serving displaced Ukrainians in Israel, as well shining the light of Christ before the Jewish and Arab people of Nazareth and Nof Hagalil.

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