Providing Urgent Aid to Ukrainian Refugees at the Ukrainian Border

The crisis in Ukraine has touched the entire world, and nowhere more than the global body of believers. Christians have mobilized en masse to support the people of Ukraine in their hour of need with prayers, humanitarian aid, and crisis management. Praise God for the readiness of the church to be the answer to the world’s challenges, spiritually and practically!

We here at Home of Jesus the King Church have also mobilized to urgently send critical humanitarian aid to the border of Ukraine to supply Ukrainian refugees with warm clothing, fleece blankets, and medication. We are doing this in collaboration with a local humanitarian organization in Nof HaGalil run by a Ukrainian Jewish lady called Olga.

Olga was shocked when we approached her organization to support the people of Ukraine! The fact that Arab believers in Israel are taking action to bless Ukrainian refugees was something that she did not expect, and this was a massive testimony of the bridges that God is building between Arabs and Jews in Israel, and throughout the world.

Olga’s team arrived in a truck to pick up the boxes of humanitarian aid that our team at Home of Jesus the king had prepared for them—tens of boxes filled with medication, warm wool clothing, jackets, baby blankets, and double-size fleece blankets. We are planning to send another 10 boxes next week, and therefore we call upon you to please stand with us in blessing Ukrainian refugees, by receiving them with much-needed humanitarian aid as they enter Poland from Ukraine.

To Support Ukrainian refugees fleeing Ukraine, please prayerfully consider making a donation towards this crucial project.

Thank you so much for your help!