Raising Up a Strong New Generation

God is actively building his Kingdom here in Israel, and we are honored to be His hands and feet as He leads us on the path He has set before us. We are seeing the beginnings of Israel’s spiritual renewal and transformation, as more and more Israelis from Jewish and Arab societies are coming to faith in Jesus. What we’re also seeing happening at the moment, is that more and more young people are receiving Jesus as their Lord and Savior, a true indication of a Joshua generation being raised up.

This week I have a wonderful testimony to share from a boy named Leon, who is only 11 years old, but already with his feet firmly planted on the road God has called him to. Leon is the son of a couple from our church in Nazareth, who are both wonderful servants of the Lord. They have truly been an amazing example to Leon of what it means to walk in the grace of God. However, we understand that even though children can be raised in a godly household, they still need to receive the Lord through their own free will and faith.

Despite the fact that Leon is an Arabic boy, he goes to a Jewish Israeli school, and as such has been speaking, reading, and writing Hebrew as his mother tongue most of his life. He can speak Arabic, although he struggles to read and write it. During this past week’s Shabbat service at HomeJTK, the seeds of God’s Word that Leon’s parents and HomeJTK have been sowing into his life came to fruition, and Leon made the decision to receive Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior. Hallelujah!

It was such a touching moment for Leon’s parents, as well as for the entire congregation at HomeJTK, as we’re one big family that rejoices in what the Lord does in each other’s lives. Leon’s mother is one of our worship leaders, and she shed tears of joy as her little boy came home to Jesus. It’s no surprise that Leon also has a desire to become involved in worship, and he already has his heart set on learning to play the drums in church.

Our hope is for this new generation that God is raising up to multiple and to carry the torch of the Gospel to all of Israel. The older generation has been sowing the seeds of the Word, and the younger generation is now reaping the fruits of that harvest, awakening to Christ and His purpose for their lives. Amen!