Receiving Thanks from Muslims for Shining the Light of Jesus

We are so blessed and thankful to have sent 80 boxes of critical humanitarian aid to earthquake survivors on the border between Syria and Turkey. Through our collaboration with one of our church members on the ground in Turkey, a local church, and an Arab Israeli humanitarian organization we have become part of Israel’s initiative to lend a helping hand to these precious people.

We were so pleasantly surprised last week when this particular Israeli Arab organization that we were working with to ship the boxes to Turkey, called “Merciful Souls,” contacted us to express their sincere gratitude for our help towards the earthquake survivors at the Turkey/Syria border.

They even presented us with a Certificate of Appreciation, as you can see in the image below. What’s more amazing is that this Arab Israeli organization consists of Muslim leadership and staff. They expressed such sincere appreciation and humility in their words towards us, that it was clear to me that the Lord had impacted their hearts through the aid we offered, and the way we did it.

Receiving Thanks from Muslims for Shining the Light of Jesus

They asked us to also thank all of our Christian friends who had contributed, for their love and generosity. They told us that we are in their hearts and that they are praying for us and that they love us. This is such a powerful testimony of how seeing the love of Jesus in action, can shake people’s foundations and pierce their hearts.

Partners, thank you for helping us shine the light to the people of Israel! The gratitude and gesture from this Arab organization is an example of how we can reach the unreachable. I would therefore like to invite you to continue standing with us as we work in sending aid to the earthquake survivors.

We are now looking to purchase 100 units of 4-person tents to be distributed by our contact among the displaced and homeless families at the Syrian/Turkish border. Would you, your home-group, or church perhaps sponsor one or a number of tents for those left homeless by the earthquake?

For just $50, you can provide shelter to a family of earthquake refugees and shine the light of Jesus in the darkness.

Let’s make a difference together!