Rosh Hashana Project
Blessing the Jewish People

Through the grace of God and the faithfulness of our partners, we have been able to continue blessing Ukrainian refugees, Holocaust Survivors, and poor Arab and Jewish families with much-needed electric fans for the summer, as well as nutritious food boxes. We thank God for this incredible opportunity to be a blessing to the people of Nazareth, Nof HaGalil, and Haifa, and to share the love and message of Jesus with them, as we serve them through our humanitarian aid center.

The people who visit our center just can’t stop us and our partners for the love and support that we have consistently shown them in their hour of need. There are just so many testimonies that are coming out of our humanitarian center. Relationships are being molded between Arab and Jews, and it really has started to reflect the nature of the church, with unity and joy that only the Holy Spirit can provide.

Rosh Hashana Project - Blessing the Jewish People

It’s amazing to see Arabs and Jews congregating in the same place, speaking with each other, laughing together, and learning about each other. The next step for them is when they hear the Word of God, and receive prayer. The Lord is busy repairing the bridges between the sons and daughters of Abraham, and the church is being uniquely positioned to usher these dear ones into the Kingdom of God, and be at their side as they grow in faith and the knowledge of God.

Despite all the great work that we have been able to do through our humanitarian aid center, people are still faced with challenging times, and as such, we are planning a special project to bless Jewish Israelis during the upcoming celebration of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. Not only will we be giving them our regular food boxes, but we will be adding special, additional items to sweeten the holidays for them. We’ll be adding honey, dates, apples, candy, as well as gifts for the children, so that they might enjoy Rosh Hashana to the fullest.

Rosh Hashana Project - Blessing the Jewish People

Would you be willing to stand with us in blessing the Jewish people during Rosh Hashana? These special holiday food boxes will amount to $40 per unit, per family. Our aim is to provide at least 100 Rosh Hashana boxes for Ukrainian Jewish Refugees, New Immigrants, and Holocaust Survivors, to show them the love of Jesus in action, as Israeli Arabs who call on the name of Jesus Christ. You, your home group, or your church can sponsor 1 family for $40, 5 families for $200, or even 10 families for $400. Thank you so much!