Salwa’s Testimony

Salwa’s Testimony

Salwa is a dear lady who has been a member of HomeJTK for a long time already. She is well-loved by everybody and is a pillar in our community. Salwa had been struggling with severe blood pressure issues, but despite that, she persisted in joining us at the conference.

During the first night of the conference, her systolic blood pressure had climbed to over 200, and she was not feeling well at all. She left the meeting to go and lie down. After the meeting, all of us went to check in on her and to surround her with love, and pray with her, which she really appreciated.

The next morning Salwa woke feeling exhausted and was ready to go back home, but she still opted to attend the morning session in faith for healing. During the morning session, the Holy Spirit spoke to me to proclaim faith over Salwa from the stage and so I said, “Spirit of Blood Pressure, leave Salwa now! Spirit of fear, depart from her body right now!” In front of everybody, I made this proclamation, and then I continued with my sermon.

That evening everybody visited her again, and as we gathered around her, I laid my hands on her head and prayed for her healing. After I prayed she suddenly sat up in bed and told us that she was very hungry. And so she ate something and laid down to get a good night’s rest. The next morning I was woken up by a knock at my door, and there stood Salwan. She was filled with joy as she told me that during the night her blood pressure had come down to normal levels and that she felt great! Hallelujah!

She continued to worship with us the rest of the day, took communion, and enjoyed the rest of the conference. At the end of the conference she testified of how she had felt the Lord touching her as Pastor Saleem rebuked the blood pressure attack the previous evening, and she had felt as if she was being filled with Holy Light that cleanses out all impurities.

Afterward, she hugged me and Nisreen and proclaimed her love for the entire church, and she thanked them for their amazing support and care during the conference. Amen!