Showing Holocaust Survivors the Love of Jesus

During the Second World War, the Jewish people suffered severely at the hands of the Nazis, enduring many horrors and atrocities during the Holocaust. Today’s Holocaust Survivors in Israel, who were children in the concentration camps, are now enduring a different type of hardship in Israel, struggling just to make ends meet and to survive from day to day.

In Israel there are only 180,000 Holocaust Survivors still alive, and most of them are living in poverty, loneliness, and poor health. These dear people need the love and grace of Jesus just as everyone else does, and that is why we at HomeJTK are doing our part to alleviate their struggles.

Next week we will be visiting more than 55 Holocaust Survivors in the city of Haifa, to present them with care baskets containing food items, quality blankets, tooth pastes, tooth brushes, shampoos, shower gels and more. These baskets will cost us $40 each, and we would love for you to join us in blessing these dear Holocaust Survivors with essentials that will make a difference in their daily lives.

Not only that, but we are acting as witnesses of Jesus Christ by showing them the reality and love of Christ through our actions and words, praying with and encouraging them, as Israeli Arabs and Christians from the nations, blessing the Jewish people.

Time is running out for most of the Holocaust Survivors in Israel, as they are all of very advanced age. We want to bless them with life-changing humanitarian aid and we want to lavish the love of Jesus upon them so that they too might come to know Him as their Lord and Savior in the time they have left.

I would like to invite you to stand with us by sponsoring one or more care baskets of $40 each, so that together we might lead this last generation of Holocaust Survivors to the Lord, and bless them with the daily necessities that they so desperately need.

Thank you and God bless!