Standing Spiritually and Practically with Ukrainian Refugees

2023 is a new year with wonderful new opportunities in Jesus’ name, but also a year in which we need to remain focussed and committed to see God’s Kingdom established here in the land of Israel. The Lord has presented us with some amazing opportunities to make a difference, such as our humanitarian work with Ukrainian refugees, Holocaust Survivors, the poor among Arab and Jewish families, as well as preaching the Gospel among the people of Israel.

Starting next week we’ll be continuing our work to build bridges of blessing and friendship with the many Ukrainian refugees that have recently made our towns of Nazareth and Nof Hagalil their home. These dear ones have been fleeing the war in Ukraine with a few suitcases in their hands, and the clothes on their backs. They literally need all the help they can get!

We have been blessed with a wonderful working relationship with the municipality of Nof Hagalil, and it has been a testimony to the reconciliation work that we’ve been doing between Israeli Jews and Arabs. And so, next week we will be hosting 175 families of Ukrainian refugees at the municipality of Nof Hagalil, and blessing them with food hampers containing more than 30 different products of nutritious and non-perishable food products.

We will also be spending time with them to minister to them, to pray with them, and to hear their stories. We always make a point of inviting them to visit our church and our humanitarian center to spend time with us, and to receive practical and spiritual aid whenever they need it. They are always so shocked to see this kind of love and aid coming from the Arab community, and we then have the blessed opportunity to share with them about the love of Jesus and about His wonderful plans of salvation for mankind.

Please prayerfully consider standing with us in blessing these dear Ukrainian refugees in their time of need. You can bless a single family with a food hamper for $30, or multiple families. Any help will make an impact and demonstrate the love of Jesus to them. Thank you and God bless!