Sunday School Update!

We’re so thrilled to announce that our new Sunday School curriculum, that we started a few months ago, has really been producing fruits, and we’ve seen new children joining us at church, along with their parents. Home of Jesus the King Church is a place where families can worship the Lord together, and where each family member, whatever their age might be, can find God and salvation in Jesus Christ. So when we see new families joining us at church, we know that God is doing something new, and we’re filled with so much excitement about what the future holds!

My wife Nisreen overseas our Sunday School program, and she works closely with our teachers to make sure that the kids at church receive the best possible experience at Sunday School, in conjunction with the materials that make up the curriculum. We teach the children to use all of their God-given senses to learn about Jesus, to enjoy their relationship with Him, and to incorporate Him into their lives.

We encourage the children to use their eyes to learn of Jesus, as they watch animated videos of Bible stories being brought to life on screen. They are taught to read the Bible along with their teachers and to learn many new things about God and the Words that Jesus spoke. The kids are also encouraged to use their hands to illustrate and to color Bible stories in their activity journals and coloring books that deal specifically with famous stories from the Bible. They also get to enjoy crafts when they learn from the Bible, as they mould and shape play dough into characters and objects that form part of Bible stories that they are studying.

They would then take their drawings, paintings, and crafts that they created home to share it with their parents. These activities help the children to stay rooted in the Word of God through their creative output and the application of their five senses, ultimately producing a change on the spiritual level leading to redemption and a life lived to the glory of God. It really is such an encouragement to see how a young generation is being raised up in Israel, founded and rooted in the Word of God. Please keep praying of your children, and for many more kids to join us at church for Sunday School. Amen!