Terror Attacks in Israel – A Hero from Nazareth

Terror Attacks in Israel

Israel has seen a series of terror attacks of late, which has been devastating and heart-breaking for the innocent lives lost, both Arab and Jew. We, here at Home of Jesus the King Church, are part of a movement of believers in Israel who are building bridges between Arab and Jew in Jesus’ name, and these terror attacks are strategies of satan to tear apart the reconciliation that has been achieved in Israel, as well as an attempt to derail God’s plans of redemption and restoration.

During one of these attacks in the religious Jewish town of Bnei Barak, a hero rose up to save many lives, but at the cost of his own life. Amir Khoury was a Christian Arab from Nazareth and an outstanding police officer in the Israeli police force. While defending innocent civilians from a terror attack, he managed to neutralize the terrorist while laying down his own life in the process.

He stands as a symbol to the nation of Israel that reconciliation can be achieved, and that Arab and Jew can stand together for peace. Amir’s funeral was held in Nazareth, and nearly twenty buses with orthodox Jews came to attend his funeral. This has never been seen in the town of Nazareth. They came to honor him and to pay their respects to his family. They hailed him as a hero who stood for peace and the value of life.