The Life is in the Blood!

During this time of war in Israel, it is so important for civilians to donate blood. The national blood bank of Israel is in constant need of donors, seeing that so many soldiers and Israelis are getting hurt, and have been injured during the war. It has been so inspiring to see how the nation responded and multitudes of Israelis have been going to donate blood at their local “Magen David Adom” blood donation station. These are mobile units that make it easy for Israelis to donate blood as they come and go in their daily lives.

I also went this past week to make my donation, which is something I actually frequently do. It’s especially important for me to donate blood during the war, as I feel that I’m doing my part for the nation of Israel. My blood type is O-Minus which is useful for transfusion to people of all blood types, and thus a much-needed blood type in general. As I laid down to donate blood, I felt the Lord touch my heart, reminding me of His blood that He spilled on the cross for us. It dawned anew on me that the life is in the blood, as is evident by how many Israeli lives have been saved during the war by successful blood transfusions.

The blood of Jesus was the difference for humanity between eternal life and death. Those who would receive His “blood transfusion” would pass from everlasting darkness into everlasting light, and that is what we’re fighting for here in Israel, and all over the world—to get people saved by the blood of Jesus. Now is the time for us to work and to apply ourselves as never before to be these “mobile blood transfusion stations,” and to seek out the lost, and to introduce them to Christ Jesus. Amen!