The Nations coming to bless Nazareth

We’ve been receiving quite a number of visitors to Nazareth of late, and it bears testimony to the fact that God is establishing bridges between His move in Israel and the impact thereof on the nations. We are always so blessed by our guests, and we find that our relationships only strengthen over time.

Our dear friend Ronnie came all the way from Tennessee to volunteer with us, and to help us during our various Christmas projects. It was an impacting time for him and us both. Hear what Ronnie had to say in the video below.

We were also blessed by a visit from our dear friends at BRAD TV in South Korea. It was wonderful that they traveled so far to visit the land of Israel, to connect with us and to witness the work that we are doing here in Nazareth. They were such an encouragement to us, and they were also encouraged through experiencing the move of God in the Holy Land.

God is building bridges between Nazareth and the nations, throughout the four corners of the earth, and the Gospel is once again going out into the world from Israel. It is always such a blessing for us to receive guests from the nations, and we look forward to also having you visit us here in the hometown of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!