Alexandra’s Testimony—The Transformative Power of Prayer 

For Jesus teaching the masses never came at the expense of feeding them and taking care of their needs. 

Helping and loving people go hand in hand. Eventually, that is what transforms hearts more than anything. 

When Alexandra came to our humanitarian relief center for her Passover food box, Nisreen welcomed her and helped her select the clothes, shoes and whatever other items she might need. 

Suddenly Alexandra burst into tears, and Nisreen asked her: “Are you ok?”, to which she replied: “I just feel there’s warmth filling this place and atmosphere.” 

Alexandra then asked if Nisreen could pray for her, she felt she needed to receive prayer, sharing how her daughter is struggling with depression, distress, disappointment after fleeing war in Ukraine and ending up experiencing war in Israel. 

Her daughter Marina was standing right outside, and Nisreen invited her in to pray for her. As she started praying for Marina, tears began rolling down her face. She said she felt like she was among family, and that having Arab believers pray over her made it seem like there’s no Arab Jewish conflict, there’s just family. 

After Alexandra and her daughter left, she sent us a message saying: “We’re grateful for your church and ministry. We got a food box, but it was more than food we received when we were there. You really saw me and my situation. I needed prayer, and that is the food I believe Jesus spoke about — spiritual food, and you fed me. 

We’re thankful that your church is truly doing God’s work. 

May God bless you abundantly and give you a generous harvest in His field. 

After we left, my daughter came to me to talk and she was encouraged and uplifted, when in the past her negativity and distress would last for days. 

I’m thankful for your prayer!” 

It was so powerful to receive such a wonderful testimony from Alexandra of a prayer answered, and to witness how God lifted the darkness and burden from her daughter’s shoulders after having been submerged in depression. 

Alexandra said she wants to come back to HomeJTK church to spend more time with us. 

We’re just grateful that God has enabled us to build another strong bridge and connection. 

As horrific as October 7th was, God used that to strengthen the bridge we’re building between Jews and Arabs in Israel and facilitate much needed reconciliation. 

YOU are a big part of everything we are able to do. Your unwavering support and unconditional friendship is allowing us to be your hands and feet in the Land as we share the good news of our Lord Jesus, touching hearts and transforming lives of both Jews and Arabs.