Unity between Jews and Arabs in Christ

This past week during the Shavuot (Pentecost) celebrations in Israel we had the privilege to congregate as Israeli Arab and Jewish pastors on the Mount of Olives for a time of prayer, fellowship and bridge building. As a united body of leaders in Christ we lifted our hands, raised our voices, and released prayers over Jerusalem for her peace and protection.

To see Israeli Arabs and Jews gathering together as one in Christ, especially during this time of war, is a testimony to the bond of love in Christ that brings us together as a family and as children of God. This unity then translates into reconciliation and bridge building between two communities that have endured division and misunderstanding for so long, and which in turn has a ripple effect on the broader Israeli society.

Here below you can see some precious moments that I shared with my dear friend, Sasson Pochter, who is an Israeli Jewish Pastor and soldier. This image might seem at first glance like a representation all that separates Arabs and Jews in Israel, but in fact, it reveals what the love of Jesus can accomplish by bringing together Jews and Arabs as one family in Christ. Hallelujah!