Upcoming Family Conference

We are so excited about our upcoming Family Conference that’s starting this Friday in the very town where Jesus was born—Bethlehem! It promises to be a blessed and restorative time in the presence of the Lord as believers and non-believers alike will share in fellowship. We are trusting God for a mighty outpouring of the holy Spirit and for changed lives!

The focus will be on building up the family unit on Godly principles and establishing our children in Christ, while at the same time sowing the Word of God into the hearts of the non-believers who have joined us for the conference. We need your prayer for the conference to run smoothly, for God to have His way, and for the Holy Spirit to touch and change lives unto God’s glory. Amen!

In total 90 people have registered for the conference, with 50% of their registration fees having been subsidized by Home of Jesus the King Church. Even though the registration process has been completed, you still have the opportunity to be a part of it, through your prayers and your financial support.

If you feel led to partner with us towards this strategic conference, then you still have a chance to sow a seed that will have a mighty impact. We are still trusting God for 5500 NIS ($1604.9) for the rent of the conference sound system, as well as 7200 NIS ($2100.96) for the two buses that will transport attendees for the duration of the conference. Thank you so much!