A Helping Hand for an Orthodox Jewish Lady

The Lord leads us in interesting ways sometimes, and it is during those times that we simply need to obey His voice. Last week I noticed a small posting in a well-known online Israeli newspaper about an orthodox Jewish lady, called Michal, who had no food for the Passover celebrations, and who was appealing to anyone who was willing to help her. She and her family live in the city of Netanya which is a two hours drive away from Nazareth.

I felt the Lord speak to me at that exact moment to reach out to this lady with help. I called her, introduced myself as an Arab Israeli pastor from Nazareth, and told her that I had seen her posting and wanted to help. She was in shock, as she did not expect the first person to respond to her cry for help to be an Arab.

I shared with her that the Lord had spoken to me, and that Home of Jesus the King Church would be helping her from now on with food boxes every month. She was in tears and expressed her sincere thanks, and told me that God had heard her prayers. She had never experienced anything like this, where an Arab would reach out a helping hand to an orthodox Jew.

This amazing encounter is another sign to me that God wants to further use Home of Jesus the King Church to build bridges between Arabs and Jews, and to share the love and message of Jesus with them through these bridges. I believe that revival will come to Israel through both Arabs and Jews, as one new man in Christ. Amen!

Michal invited us to come and visit her at her home and to meet her family and friends. Please pray that the Lord will use this opportunity for us to reach the hearts of more Jewish people with the love of Jesus. God is opening new doors for the Gospel to permeate Israeli society, and He’s doing it in wonderful ways! Imagine, a posting in an online newspaper has connected a congregation of Arab believers with an orthodox Jewish family. Hallelujah!

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