Annual Family Conference!

We’re excited to announce that our biggest event of the year, our annual Family Conference, is just around the corner! Every year during summer, we as a church gather together to spend time together in prayer, worship, teaching, and fellowship.

On average we invite about 120 people together for 4 days and we arrange accommodation in a hotel that is suitable for families and that is conducive to spending time in God’s presence. This year we’ll be in the beautiful Hadad village with its beautiful setting in the Israeli countryside.

The conference will be dedicated to building up the families that we’ve invited along, both believers and non-believers, for impacting teaching, counseling, intercession, fellowship, and winning the lost and sharing the truth about the plan of God for his nation. We’ll have many new families this year, as well as returning families who found Christ during last year’s conference.

All participants at the conference have to be committed to their attendance, as we subsidize them for 50% of the costs of the conference, on the condition that they attend all meetings and actively participate. Those who do not wish to be full participants need to cover the full fee by themselves. This is just to encourage people to dedicate themselves fully to spending time in God’s presence during this time.

The subsidized price per person comes to 600 shekels ($176) which includes accommodation, transportation, Biblical site visits, meals, and conference registration.

We would be so thankful for your financial help towards sponsoring individuals for this conference, as we aim to establish and build up families in Christ. God bless and I look forward to hearing from you!


Pastor Saleem Shalash