Arab and Jew Working Together in Time of War

During times of war it is critically important for a nation to remain undivided and unified in the face of its many challenges. The war currently raging in the south and north of Israel is such a time. It’s especially important for the body of Christ to come together in the unity of the Spirit, and to do good unto those in need, and to reflect the love of Jesus to all.

It’s has therefore been such a privilege and joy to co-labor with our Jewish brothers and sisters from Beit Hallel Congregation in the wake of recent events. Through the support of our partners we have been able to support them in their work of blessing Jewish families under attack in Ashdod and Ashkelon with vital humanitarian aid. 

This is incredibly important for us, as we obey God’s command to be peacemakers, and to build bridges of reconciliation and friendship between Israeli Jews and Arabs. Above all, we seek to lift up the name of Jesus in Israel, and be living testimonies of what can be achieved through the unity, love and grace that is found in Jesus Christ.

In the video you can see the supplies of bottled water, as well as coffee stove kits that we have purchased, and that is being collected by our Jewish brothers for distribution to families under fire. We aim to continue this collaboration all throughout the war, to make sure that we do our part in alleviating the suffering of the families in the south who are under constant rocket fire. Please prayerfully consider standing with us in this project!

The young children of Israel are having an especially difficult time during this season of war. They don’t understand the reasons and nature of war, and therefore it is a truly traumatic experience for them. We felt led by the Lord to do something special to bless the children during this time, to ease their minds, and to distract them from the terror thereof. 

Our team has come together to create the “Hope and Healing Coloring Kit,” which is a thoughtful and therapeutic solution to provide comfort and support to these children during the war. Research has shown that engaging children in calming activities can help them navigate their emotions, build resilience, and strengthen family bonds. 

With your support, we aim to provide 10,000 of these kits to Israeli children who are living under fire. Each kit includes:

• 125 soothing coloring sheets featuring illustrations that promote hope and positivity. 

• A 100-inch-long roll of high-quality drawing paper. 

• A set of coloring pencils in a variety of colors to encourage creativity. 

Every kit cost us $8 and we would love for you, your home grow, or church to join us in the worthy endeavor. Maybe you can sponsor one child, or multiple children with these coloring kits. Join us in bringing coloring to their world during this difficult time at

Your financial support will enable us to reach even more young lives, and to bless them with a welcome distraction. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of these dear children.

Thank you and God bless!