Arabs Blessing Jews, and Jews Blessing Arabs

The support of our partners has been a crucial source of blessing to the Arabs and Jews here in the north of Israel, and I believe that the best is yet to come. As we answer the call of the lost and impoverished in Israel, God will reward our faith according to Genesis 12:3 which says: “I will bless those who bless you.” Thank you so much, partners, for making a difference in this land during these last days that we’re in. The harvest is near!

Our new Humanitarian Center is taking shape and we are already mobilizing to see to the needs of the poor and needy of Nazareth. People arrive daily at our new center to receive aid in their hour of need, be it food boxes, clothing, toiletries, bedding, or simply a few toys to put a smile on a child’s face.

Our team of volunteers has been hard at work preparing food boxes for our Ukrainian Refugee Project that will commence this week in Nof Hagalil. This will be an ongoing project in which we will bless our Jewish brothers and sisters that have fled the horrors of the war in Ukraine. We expect to see thousands more Jewish Ukrainian refugees arrive in Israel over the next few months, and we want to be there for them, blessing and serving them with the love and light of Jesus.

As part of this project of supplying food boxes and other daily essentials to Ukrainian refugees, we will also be meeting these dear people face to face to pray with them, encourage them, and pour out the love of Jesus upon their lives. We want them to see that they are not forsaken and that the Lord still has wonderful plans in store for them.

We are aiming at having 120 food boxes prepared within the next few days that will go towards our Ukrainian refugee Project in Nof Hagalil, but the need is obviously much greater. Our only constraint at the moment is financing, but our faith is strong and we are trusting God for open doors and new avenues of provision.

I would like to invite you to stand with us in providing help to Ukrainian refugees to start their new lives in Israel, knowing that Jesus is there for them in their time of need. For a gift of $ 30, you can provide a single family with a generous food box containing more than 28 different non-perishable and nutritious food items.

To Donate, please follow the link below. Your seed is sure to produce a harvest. Thank you!