Arabs Blessing Jews in Time of War


The war in Israel has impacted the world in a many ways over the past month, specifically by revealing those who stand with Israel and the Word of God, but also revealing the depth and scope of the anti-semitism that still exists throughout the world today. The nation of Israel and the Jewish people have a long history of suffering, rejection, anguish and struggle for survival, and we as the church of God has been called to comfort the nation of Israel as God commanded in Isaiah 40:1 – “Comfort, comfort my people, says your God.”

For years the world media has been promoting the image of a deeply divided Israeli society, with Israeli Arabs and Jews locked in perpetual conflict, but that is not a reflection of the truth. A remarkable thing that the world ignores or doesn’t get to see much, is the healthy relationship that  actually exists between Israelis Arabs and Jews, who live alongside each other, in a accurate representation of the coexistence that exists in Israel.

There are beautiful friendships and partnerships that exist among Arab and Jewish Israelis, and especially so among believers. Together we are brothers and sisters in Christ,  laboring tirelessly together for the Lord, spreading the light of the Gospel in both Arab and Jewish communities, as well as standing with Israel and offering her people a helping hand in these challenging times.

Watch this impacting video interview with Pastor Saleem Shalash and Pastor Israel Pochtar, who had a chance to sit down together to share their hearts, to encourage each other, and hear how Home of Jesus the King Church has mobilized to help Jewish communities in the south and north that have been severely affected by the war.

Get a glimpse into what is behind the coexistence and partnership between Jews and Arabs in Israel today, and how you can become a part of this partnership and unity today.