“Are We Following the Christmas Star?”

This past Shabbat we had our yearly Christmas Celebration at Home of Jesus the King Church which is a very important day on our calendar, when we come together as a congregation, invite along unsaved friends, to worship Jesus and to celebrate His birthday in a fitting way. It was such a wonderful time together, as you can see in the video, as we sang Christmas carols together, handed gifts to the kids, and enjoyed delicious snacks afterward as we spent time in fellowship.

I got to preach a powerful message titled “Are We Following the Christmas Star?” which focussed on the story of the three wise men from the East, and how we can understand if we are fulfilling God’s calling on our lives. I shared about the gifts they brought to Jesus, which were gold to acknowledge his kingship; incense that is burned in the temple of God—acknowledging Jesus as God; as well as myrrh used against the corruption of the mortal body—acknowledging Jesus as the Son of Man. It truly was a blessed time together and we pray that you can join us next year!