Ask for the Peace of the City…
Prayer and Intercession for Nazareth

The Arab communities of the State of Israel, and more specifically, in cities like Nazareth, have seen an unprecedented wave of violence and death in 2023. It’s almost a daily occurrence now to find that a young Arab man has been shot by unknown assailants, who also usually do not get caught or arrested afterwards. It is fair to assess that crime has spiraled out of control in Arab-Israeli cities, and that some kind of breakthrough is desperately needed for peace and quiet to be restored.

As such, a group of us Jewish and Arab Israeli pastors decided that the time has come for regular intercession and fasting for our Arab communities, and in this case, Nazareth. Someone once said that prayer “is the slender nerve that moves the omnipotent arm or God,” and that what we are pressing in for, to see days of peace again in Nazareth.

This past week we went up to the beautiful church of Saint Gabriel, with a lovely view over Nazareth, to call upon the name of the Lord. Our time of intercession was established in the scripture found in Jeremiah 29:7 that reads: “…seek the peace and prosperity of the city…”

United in Christ as Jews and Arabs, we raised our hands over Nazareth and lifted our voices against the spirit of death, murder, and violence in Nazareth. As we prayed we also understood that Nazareth is an important and strategic city spiritually speaking, and that satan is trying to pollute its beautiful spiritual heritage as the hometown of Jesus Christ, and the deep roots of the Gospel that have been established there.

We also took communion together in the unity of the Spirit, and proclaimed peace, restoration, and revival to the city of Nazareth. We fully comprehend that If we as Israeli ministers, both Jews and Arabs, don’t stand in the gap, then who will? We were called for times like these, to be the watchmen and -women on the walls, and to bring about change through fervent and effective prayer.

We ask you all to please stand with us in prayer for Nazareth, the hometown of our Lord Jesus, as well as for the Arab communities of Israel, that times of refreshing and peace will be ushered in by the Lord, and ultimately that revival will break out in Jesus’ name. Amen!