Back-to-School Project Celebration

This past week we had such a wonderful time celebrating our Back-to-School project with less-privileged children and their parents from Nazareth. This project, which was supported by our partners, enabled these dear children to be prepared and equipped for the new school year with good-quality backpacks, school supplies, textbooks, and other essentials. We will never forget the smiles on the kids’ faces as they received their blessings!

This is how we show the love of Jesus practically to the people of Israel!

We planned a special event for the kids that included a puppet show, and a musical performance, along with many songs to which they could sing along and learn about Jesus and His love for them. They had such fun and their parents were extremely grateful to us for this helping hand, as preparing kids for school in Israel can be quite expensive. We also treated the kids to snacks and treats, while their parents enjoyed some coffee in fellowship with our team from Home of Jesus the King Church.

We would like to extend the blessing to our congregation in Haifa also, inviting poor children and their parents for an event where we can bless them with school backpacks and supplies for the new school year, as well as to forge strong friendships with them, and to invite them to our church services and home group meetings. The hand of love that we extend to them, will also be the hand that leads them to Christ Jesus.

We would love for you to stand with us on this important project

Your gift of $35 will enable a child to be properly prepared for the new school year.

You can even bless multiple kids for $35 each! Thank you and God bless you!