Back-to-School Project in Haifa and Nazareth


With the launch of our Back-to-School project at Home of Jesus the King Church, it has been so touching to see how many parents and their children from among Ukrainian and Russian refugees, as well as our local Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities have been blessed in the name of Jesus. Just seeing the smiles on the faces on the children makes you understand that we are truly making a difference in their lives, allowing them to start the new school year well-equipped and confident.

Over the past week we have been receiving many families at our Humanitarian Aid Center, as well as making home visits, to make sure that we aid as many children from needy families as possible. It really is a testimony to the reality of Christ’s love to those who visit our center and experience the care and compassion with which we serve our community—wether Muslim, Jew, or Christian. We want all of these dear ones to see Christ in us, the hope of glory.

One of the Muslim ladies that visited our center to receive school backpacks for her children even called out, saying “This really is Home of Jesus the King and those who serve here are indeed children of God!” What a testimony to hear a Muslim lady see the proof of Jesus’ love simply through acts of kindness!

We truly are seeing the fruits of our humanitarian and outreach work, which we have been sowing into over a number of years. This principle is also applicable to our daily lives. We might not see the fruits of our labor and faith immediately, but with time we will reap a harvest if we do not lose heart.

Here at HomeJTK we are now seeing people from all walks of life being deeply touched and their hearts changed after years of sowing God’s love, care, and compassion into their lives. We praise God for the good work He has begun here in Nazareth, and which He will complete until the day of Jesus Christ.

We are also thankful for you—our partners—who are standing with us in making a difference. Here below is a testimony from those in whose lives you have made a difference through your partnership with HomeJTK…

“My dear friends,

I want to share with you a testimony that touched my heart deeply. It’s a story of a needy family, struggling to make ends meet, and how their lives were transformed by an act of love and generosity.

Laila and Raji, a hardworking couple, faced countless challenges daily to provide for their three precious children. As the new school year approached, they found themselves burdened with the reality that they couldn’t afford to buy school bags for Emily, Rami and Lily. It broke their hearts to see their children’s dreams of owning school bags fade away.

But God works in mysterious ways, my friends. He sees our struggles and listens to our prayers. He moves the hearts of His people to become instruments of His love and grace. And that’s exactly what happened in this family’s story.

Through the kindness and compassion of believers the impossible became possible. A group of generous souls, motivated by love and a desire to make a difference, stepped forward and embraced this family as their own. They recognized the importance of education and the dreams that lay within the hearts of these young ones.

Their parents, Laila and Raji were overwhelmed with gratitude. They knew deep in their hearts that it was God’s love working through these kind-hearted individuals. They gathered their children close, and together, they thanked God for His provision and for the love that had been poured out upon them through the hands of these wonderful people.

To the incredible souls who made this possible, we offer our heartfelt thanks. Your love has transformed the lives of this precious family. You have given them more than just school bags; you have given them hope, dignity, and a renewed faith in humanity.

Let this testimony be a reminder to all of us that we have the power to make a difference, no matter how small our actions may seem. Together, we can bring joy to those who are in need and be a beacon of light in a world that sometimes feels dark.

May God bless each and every one of you abundantly for your love, compassion, and generosity. Let us continue to be vessels of His love, spreading hope and making dreams come true for those who need it most.

With much gratitude,

Pastor Saleem”