Beds Project Praise Report!

There are few things as precious as putting a smile on a child’s face, and that’s exactly what you have done!

Because of the support of our partners, we were able to deliver 10 beds and mattresses to poor and destitute families in the northern Israeli city of Haifa. These were mainly for kids who had to sleep on the floor, in inflatable pools, or on the sofa, but not they finally have beds of their own!

In the video below you will see the absolute shock and joy on the kids’ faces as they lie down in their new and comfortable beds, to enjoy a good night’s rest. Sleep is a blessing from the Lord, and our partners have been a tremendous blessing to these poor families in Haifa. Not only are these Muslim and Jewish families seeing the love and generosity of Christians in action, but they are also being touched by the light of Jesus Christ through our actions and words.

We need to supply more needs to more families though! We have many more families that have reached out to us, so that we might provide them with beds, mainly for their children. If you would like to bless a destitute Arab or Jewish family with a brand-new bed, would you, your home group, or church please consider sponsoring a bed for $430? You can even supply multiple families with multiple beds! To Donate towards this urgent, practical, and important project, please follow the donate link below.